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Spirits of Mystery: The Last Fire Queen
The Great Flame is almost out!

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Delicious: Emily's Moms vs Dads Collector's Edition
Join Emily and Patrick in a hilarious battle of the sexes!
PuppetShow: The Curse of Ophelia Collector's Edition
Ophelia's curse cannot be stopped!
The Wisbey Mystery
Solve the Wisbey Manor’s mystery
Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 2
Sensational around the world cruise on the Liberty of the Waves!

Best oil games for free download

Here you can find the best oil games available for free download. You can download any oil game and try it for free to decide whether you like it or not. Some games provide 60 minutes of gameplay, others can limit you with a 30 or 15 day trial period. Some of the oil games are free at all. Choose any oil game you like and try it!

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Recover the artifact that contains the secrets of H.E.L.P.'s past.

Atlantic Quest 3 arcade oil game 69 MB, $6.99

Deep sea puzzles and Match 3 fun in a new maritime adventure. Save the oceans and build your paradise!

Shrouded Tales: The Shadow Menace arcade oil game 530 MB, $6.99

What's waiting for you in the Shadow Realm?

Wedding Salon 2 arcade oil game 52 MB, $6.99

Wedding Salon 2: Open and develop a chain of wedding salons located all around the world!

What's waiting for you in the Shadow Realm?

Car Mechanic Manager arcade oil game 33 MB, $6.99

Manage a car workshop with full service: washing, cleaning, waxing, repairing...

The Hunt for Red Panda arcade oil game 114 MB, $6.99

Travel around the world and get acquainted with the world's most famous masterpieces. Collect evidence and help police catch a criminal.

Wild West Chase arcade oil game 84 MB, $6.99

Enjoy an exciting gangster hunt and track down the notorious bandit Bill "The Wild" Killwood and his Bloodbrothers gang!

Arvale: Treasure of Memories arcade oil game 251 MB, $6.99

To save the world, Duncan must retrieve his memories!

A visitor arrives through Prof. Bennett's portal, seeking help.

Final Cut: Fame Fatale arcade oil game 478 MB, $6.99

A reclusive star's darkest secrets are coming to light.

Final Cut: Fame Fatale Collector's Edition arcade oil game 706 MB, $6.99

A reclusive star's darkest secrets are coming to light.

Dead Reckoning: Brassfield Manor arcade oil game 558 MB, $6.99

A murder mystery party turns deadly in real life!

A murder mystery party turns deadly in real life!

A newlywed is threatened, and supernatural forces are afoot!

Rescue Team 4 arcade oil game 141 MB, $6.99

Mother Nature is no match for the courageous men and women of the Rescue Team!

Criminal Investigation Agents: Petrodollars arcade oil game 86 MB, $6.99

Step into the shoes of investigator Frances Keegan and track down a tax evader suspected of murder.

Ghosts of the Past: Bones of Meadows Town arcade oil game 633 MB, $6.99

There's a new sheriff in Meadows Town – and it's you! Can you stop a vengeful Viking spirit before she strikes again?

Gods vs Humans arcade oil game 42 MB, $6.99

As an ancient deity, can you maintain the respect of your follows and protect the heavens in this exciting strategy game?

Green City: Go South arcade oil game 82 MB, $6.99

Feel summer blossom as you develop the infrastructure of lush coastal lands. Build a flourishing Green City in the middle of the ocean!

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