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Awakening Remastered: The Dreamless Castle
Escape the enchanted castle!
Fantasy Mosaics 40: Alien Abduction
Rescue Robby from aliens and encounter new puzzles!
New York Mysteries: The Outbreak
A bizarre disease plagues New York City!
Endless Fables: Shadow Within
The Prince of Nightmares is calling...
Fabulous: Angela's True Colors Collector's Edition
Take on the New York fashion world!

Best king games for free download

Here you can find the best king games available for free download. You can download any king game and try it for free to decide whether you like it or not. Some games provide 60 minutes of gameplay, others can limit you with a 30 or 15 day trial period. Some of the king games are free at all. Choose any king game you like and try it!

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Date newest (oldest) | Popularity (reverse) | Name (Z-A) | Size smallest (largest)
Connected Hearts: Fortune Play Collector's Edition arcade king game 1267 MB, $6.99

Take on villains, magic, and luck itself to prove that love conquers all!

Grim Tales: Horizon Of Wishes Collector's Edition arcade king game 908 MB, $6.99

What is Richard up to? Pursue Anna’s missing father through time!

Helga the Viking Warrior 2: Ivar's Revenge arcade king game 137 MB, $6.99

Join Helga the Viking on a historical adventure!

Gnomes Solitaire arcade king game 57 MB, $6.99

Advanced solitaire with a Gnomish flair!

Awakening Remastered: The Dreamless Castle arcade king game 1185 MB, $6.99

Awaken in a mysterious castle and solve perplexing puzzles to escape in this remastered classic!

Gather your courage for this mystical journey to a distant world!

Puzzles puzzle king game 221 MB, free

This game is not intended for persons under the age of 18. In the game there are perversions, pornography. In the background, there will be women who show their vaginas in close-up. Puzzle game, which is a mosaic that you want to make up of many frag

Jewel Match Origins 2: Bavarian Palace arcade king game 264 MB, $6.99

A royally challenging match-3 adventure in time!

Faircroft's Antiques: The Mountaineer's Legacy arcade king game 1151 MB, $6.99

Embark on a high-altitude adventure with Mia Faircroft!

Sudoku Variants arcade king game 26 MB, $6.99

Hundreds of mind-bending Sudoku levels in four challenging variants!

Living Legends Remastered: Wrath of the Beast arcade king game 992 MB, $6.99

Can you take on Goldilocks’ mantel and protect the kingdom?

Cowboy arcade king game 654 MB, free

Cowboy is our latest first person shooter. You are the cowboy, and you need to deflect the waves of zombies attacking your village. Download this game and take on the role of a brave cowboy. Pick up your trusty shotgun and destroy these freaks. Good

Hero of the Kingdom: The Lost Tales 2 arcade king game 193 MB, $6.99

Seize your destiny as the city’s heroic princess!

Twin Mind: Ghost Hunter arcade king game 995 MB, $6.99

Can the twin detectives stop another murderous evil?

A royally challenging match-3 adventure in time!

Brave Deeds of Rescue Team arcade king game 307 MB, $6.99

Guide the Rescue Team to save your city from disaster!

Magic Balls arcade king game 92 MB, free

Tired of the everyday hustle and bustle? Need a brain workout? Tired of the same type of Bubble Shooter games? Then we dare to suggest that you play Magic Balls, because this is not only a relaxing puzzle improved by various unique gameplay mechanics

Crystal of Atlantis arcade king game 184 MB, $6.99

Help Tristan build Atlantis and make it the greatest kingdom on Earth!

Tower of Wishes 2: Vikings arcade king game 153 MB, $6.99

Climb the mysterious tower and save your Viking heroes!

Embark on a match-three adventure of breathtaking magic and boundless imagination!

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