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Youda Survivor
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12 Labours of Hercules X: Greed for Speed Collector's Edition
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World Riddles: Secrets of the Ages
Gather all seven parts of the Medallion!
Word Monaco
Take a wordy break on a Mediterranean beach.

Best match games for free download

Here you can find the best match games available for free download. You can download any match game and try it for free to decide whether you like it or not. Some games provide 60 minutes of gameplay, others can limit you with a 30 or 15 day trial period. Some of the match games are free at all. Choose any match game you like and try it!

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Date newest (oldest) | Popularity (reverse) | Name (Z-A) | Size smallest (largest)
Cave Quest 2 Collector's Edition arcade match game 397 MB, $6.99

A quest to recover a mysterious relic has surprising implications!

Season Marbles: Winter arcade match game 130 MB, $6.99

Rush headfirst into winter and enjoy new match-making mechanics in this tactical puzzle game.

Ancient Jewels: Babylon arcade match game 57 MB, $6.99

Enjoy classic match-3 gameplay set on the banks of the mighty Euphrates River. Can you restore an ancient temple!

Gaslamp Cases: The Deadly Machine arcade match game 106 MB, $6.99

Complete challenging match 3 puzzles and help two London police detectives uncover a dark conspiracy!

DragonScales 7: A Heart of Dark Flames arcade match game 231 MB, $6.99

Join the Avenger in her fight to defeat ruthless foes across incredible match-3 challenges!

Academy of Magic: Lair of the Beast arcade match game 131 MB, $6.99

Join Dennis and his friends to save a kidnapped student from a monstrous beast in this exciting match-3 adventure!

ClearIt 11 arcade match game 129 MB, $6.99

A smashing new set of unique color matching puzzles to delight puzzle lovers of all ages!

Spirit Legends: Finding Balance Collector's Edition arcade match game 1256 MB, $6.99

A sinister revenge plot is tearing a kingdom apart!

The Chronicles of Hercules: The 12 Labours arcade match game 125 MB, $6.99

Join Hercules and Iolaus to complete the 12 tasks demanded by Hera in this fun Match-3 game!

Dig The Ground 4 arcade match game 97 MB, $6.99

Dig into these brain-teasing match-3 challenges! Match crystals of the same color - the more items you collect, the bigger the explosion!

Claire's Cruisin' Cafe arcade match game 86 MB, $6.99

A cross-country road trip to feed the famished masses!

100 Days without delays arcade match game 32 MB, $6.99

Enjoy fun Match-3 challenges as you upgrade the airport and help Lee become the youngest airport manager in the company’s history!

Spellarium 6 arcade match game 51 MB, $6.99

Spellarium is back with the next great puzzle adventure! Join Eric and help him take on a monumental task while completing a resort for the Gods!

Pocket Forest arcade match game 48 MB, $6.99

A unique slide and drag match 3 game with cute forest friends to unlock!

10th Corpse arcade match game 130 MB, $6.99

Play fun Match 3 levels and solve incredible puzzles to uncover the culprit behind a deadly threat!

ClearIt 10 arcade match game 142 MB, $6.99

ClearIt is back with a new collection of unique and colorful matching puzzles!

Secrets of Magic 4: Potion Master arcade match game 135 MB, $6.99

Are you fond of magic potions and haunting creatures? Well, join in this unforgettable match 3 journey to the roots of magic!

Arabian Treasures: Midnight Match arcade match game 172 MB, $6.99

Enjoy this relaxing and unique match 3 game while the Genie whisks you away through this fun and exciting journey.

Halloween Trouble 2 arcade match game 61 MB, $6.99

Complete fun Match 3 puzzles and help Granny restore her cottage so she can celebrate Halloween!

Achromatic arcade match game 33 MB, $6.99

Color all the dots in this Match-All puzzle game!

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