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Nanny Mania 2
A fabulous cleaning extravaganza!
Hidden Expedition: A King's Line Collector's Edition
King Arthur’s Legend Comes Alive!
Roads of Rome: Portals
We're not in Rome anymore...
Claws & Feathers
Match birds to reclaim eggs!
Medieval Defenders
Defend your ancestral castle and show the invaders who's boss!

Best master games for free download

Here you can find the best master games available for free download. You can download any master game and try it for free to decide whether you like it or not. Some games provide 60 minutes of gameplay, others can limit you with a 30 or 15 day trial period. Some of the master games are free at all. Choose any master game you like and try it!

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Date newest (oldest) | Popularity (reverse) | Name (Z-A) | Size smallest (largest)
Nora's AdventurEscape Collector's Edition arcade master game 559 MB, $6.99

Can you save the day in your childhood hero's hometown?

Mystery Solitaire: Grimm's Tales 3 arcade master game 46 MB, $6.99

Mystery Solitaire: Grimm’s Tales is back with more puzzle challenges set in the worlds of the Brothers Grimm!

Spellarium 7 arcade master game 55 MB, $6.99

Follow a puzzle-solving wizard as he tries to use time itself to stop the world from decaying in this cosmic Match-3 strategy game!

Jewel Match Solitaire: Summertime arcade master game 141 MB, $6.99

Grab some cards and keep cool in the shade. It’s time for a picnic and a game of Solitaire! Explore more than 300 levels and restore 5 beautiful summer escapes!

Puzzle Stone Blocks arcade master game 33 MB, $6.99

Puzzle Stone Blocks is a fun logic game where the objective is to fill the empty spaces with stones located around the playing field.

Viking Heroes 2 arcade master game 173 MB, $6.99

When a dark force threatens the realms, heroic Vikings must rise!

ClearIt 13 arcade master game 127 MB, $6.99

ClearIt delivers its next batch of colorful matching puzzles! See if you can complete these marble-blasting challenges and become a ClearIt master!

Join Catherine Ragnor’s adventure with the Flying Dutchman help her retrieve the three legendary treasures in this high-seas match-3 adventure!

Adventure Trip: New York Collector's Edition arcade master game 490 MB, $6.99

Get ready for the sights and sounds of the Big Apple!

Dig The Ground 5 arcade master game 111 MB, $6.99

Dig the Ground delivers unique new match-making challenges!

Rescue Friends Solitaire arcade master game 93 MB, $6.99

Help save the forest from a mysterious disease in this classic solitaire fantasy adventure!

Robin Hood: Hail to the King arcade master game 320 MB, $6.99

The legendary thief with a heart of gold is back!

Mediterranean Journey 5 arcade master game 226 MB, $6.99

Visit new cities and islands across the Mediterranean as you take in the unique spirit and culture of this incredible destination!

Springtime Mahjongg 2 arcade master game 93 MB, $6.99

Springtime Mahjongg 2 brings the lovely sights and sounds of this incredible season to your PC!

Briquid arcade master game 25 MB, $6.99

This critically acclaimed puzzle game will give your mind a workout as you work with bricks to channel the water to it’s destination!

New Yankee: Under the Genie's Thumb arcade master game 208 MB, $6.99

A mischievous genie keeps our heroes busy with wishes of his own!

Emerland Solitaire 2 arcade master game 77 MB, $6.99

Experience an epic quest through the magic of Solitaire!

A mischievous genie keeps our heroes busy with wishes of his own!

Mystery Tales: Master of Puppets arcade master game 810 MB, $6.99

Can you save a family from a deadly presence?

Emerland Solitaire 2 Collector's Edition arcade master game 103 MB, $6.99

Experience an epic quest through the magic of Solitaire!

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