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Roads of Rome: Portals
We're not in Rome anymore...
Christmas Stories: Yulemen Collector's Edition
A Christmas Calamity Hits Iceland!
Delicious: Emily's Road Trip Collector's Edition
Emily's next time management adventure down Route 66!
Tisnart Shapes
An exciting unique take on the familiar match game styles

Best color games for free download

Here you can find the best color games available for free download. You can download any color game and try it for free to decide whether you like it or not. Some games provide 60 minutes of gameplay, others can limit you with a 30 or 15 day trial period. Some of the color games are free at all. Choose any color game you like and try it!

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Coloring Book arcade color game 96 MB, free

This is a coloring book for your child. Your child can color the contours as his imagination allows. This game develops the concept of color, fantasy and perseverance.

Rescue Team 12: Power Eaters arcade color game 540 MB, $6.99

Embark on an electrifying adventure to save the world from a robotic menace in the latest Time Management adventure!

Art Coloring arcade color game 286 MB, $6.99

Explore an entire world of wonderful art as you decide how to complete each masterpiece and become the painter!

Adventure Match 2 arcade color game 188 MB, $6.99

Adventure Match follows up their first match-3 hit with a colorful ocean-side puzzler filled to the brim with perplexing levels with various challenges.

Magic Balls arcade color game 92 MB, free

Tired of the everyday hustle and bustle? Need a brain workout? Tired of the same type of Bubble Shooter games? Then we dare to suggest that you play Magic Balls, because this is not only a relaxing puzzle improved by various unique gameplay mechanics

Fantasy Mosaics 50: Santa's World arcade color game 143 MB, $6.99

Explore Santa’s collection of holiday mosaics puzzles and mini games!

Puzzles puzzle color game 174 MB, free

This game is not intended for persons under the age of 18. In the game there are perversions, pornography. In the background, there will be women who show their vaginas in close-up. Puzzle game, which is a mosaic that you want to make up of many frag

Holiday Cheer III arcade color game 501 MB, $6.99

Discover this cheerful Christmas-themed match-3 puzzler and escape into a winter wonderland while you decorate a beautiful Victorian home for the holidays!

Artists of Fortune: Spirit of Christmas arcade color game 136 MB, $6.99

Christmas is coming, along with a new collection of festive pixel art riddles to complete!

Mira's Workshop arcade color game 146 MB, $6.99

Learn how to make a masterpiece from scrap materials! Complete levels, solve puzzles, and help Mira and her friends finish their project!

Pixel Art 20 arcade color game 39 MB, $6.99

This series makes it easier than ever to paint beautiful pictures! Avoid purchasing expensive painting supplies – just relax and enjoy!

Art By Numbers 10 arcade color game 313 MB, $6.99

This is more than just a painting game – explore incredible artwork and let your creative side shine as you complete these colorful paint-by-numbers puzzles.

Dig The Ground 6 arcade color game 147 MB, $6.99

Blast your way to the gold chest by selecting matching gems to destroying tiles and channel water through the game board.

Dwarves Craft: Mountain Brothers arcade color game 101 MB, $6.99

Join a crafty dwarf on his quest to find the legendary craftsmen, solve challenging nonogram puzzles, and uncover hidden pictures!

Pixel Art 19 arcade color game 42 MB, $6.99

Painting has never been easier! No stress of picking up colors. Just relax and enjoy! Choose from a variety of super fun images and follow the numbers to bring them to life.

Art By Numbers 9 arcade color game 250 MB, $6.99

Explore incredible new artwork and let your creative side shine as you complete these colorful paint-by-numbers puzzles.

Artists of Fortune: Spooky Rush arcade color game 101 MB, $6.99

Go on a spooky adventure with this new batch of pixel art puzzles!

Fantasy Mosaics 49: Haunted Swamp arcade color game 139 MB, $6.99

Gather your courage, explore an eerie swamp, and solve incredible new mosaics puzzles!

Shopping Clutter 12: Halloween at the Walkers arcade color game 151 MB, $6.99

Sort through the clutter and help the Walker family decorate their home for Halloween!

Reky arcade color game 45 MB, $6.99

Fresh technical drawing aesthetics meet elegantly designed logic challenges in this minimalist puzzle title with just a dash of color.

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