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Pixel Art 20
Easy to learn paint by numbers puzzles!

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Halloween Marbles
Unique Halloween themed marble puzzles!
Jumpin' Jack
Save Jack`s family from the underworld.
Gems of Magic: Lost Family
Rescue a family of magic creatures in this incredible magical adventure!
Ember Knight Solitaire
Track down the Ember Knight in this solitaire adventure!
Art Mahjong 4
Finish mahjong puzzles to unlock beautiful backgrounds!

Best brain games for free download

Here you can find the best brain games available for free download. You can download any brain game and try it for free to decide whether you like it or not. Some games provide 60 minutes of gameplay, others can limit you with a 30 or 15 day trial period. Some of the brain games are free at all. Choose any brain game you like and try it!

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Dig The Ground 6 arcade brain game 147 MB, $6.99

Blast your way to the gold chest by selecting matching gems to destroying tiles and channel water through the game board.

Shopping Clutter 12: Halloween at the Walkers arcade brain game 151 MB, $6.99

Sort through the clutter and help the Walker family decorate their home for Halloween!

Magic Balls arcade brain game 92 MB, free

Tired of the everyday hustle and bustle? Need a brain workout? Tired of the same type of Bubble Shooter games? Then we dare to suggest that you play Magic Balls, because this is not only a relaxing puzzle improved by various unique gameplay mechanics

Reky arcade brain game 45 MB, $6.99

Fresh technical drawing aesthetics meet elegantly designed logic challenges in this minimalist puzzle title with just a dash of color.

Shopping Clutter 11: Magical Garden arcade brain game 146 MB, $6.99

Help the Walkers arrange a fairy-tale inspired space for the children of Animalville and find objects hidden in the clutter!

Puzzle Stone Blocks arcade brain game 33 MB, $6.99

Puzzle Stone Blocks is a fun logic game where the objective is to fill the empty spaces with stones located around the playing field.

Travel Mosaics 15: Magic Venice arcade brain game 104 MB, $6.99

Take an amazing tour of Venice and solve challenging nonogram puzzles with the Walker family!

Shopping Clutter 10: The Walkers Take the Stage arcade brain game 139 MB, $6.99

Help the Walker design the school theater in this colorful, brain-jogging puzzle game for players of all ages.

Prime Mosaic arcade brain game 102 MB, $6.99

Complete beautiful number-clue puzzles using logic and unveil the mosaic gallery!

Dig The Ground 5 arcade brain game 111 MB, $6.99

Dig the Ground delivers unique new match-making challenges!

Lines and Knots arcade brain game 16 MB, $6.99

Can you connect all the Lines and Knots in this unique new puzzle game?

Detective Agency Mosaics 2 arcade brain game 70 MB, $6.99

In this hotly anticipated sequel, join Sharon Holmes once again to help her crack a tricky case while solving brain-teasing nonogram puzzles!

Dwarves Craft: Father's Home arcade brain game 107 MB, $6.99

Complete picross puzzles while helping Cory and his father repair the old house and smithy!

Fables Mosaic: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs arcade brain game 69 MB, $6.99

Help Snow White find true love in the latest Fables Mosaic adventure!

Shopping Clutter 9: Perfect Wedding arcade brain game 155 MB, $6.99

Shopping Clutter 9: Perfect Wedding is a colorful, brain-jogging puzzle game for players of all ages.

Briquid arcade brain game 25 MB, $6.99

This critically acclaimed puzzle game will give your mind a workout as you work with bricks to channel the water to it’s destination!

Complete Solitaire and Mahjong puzzles to find clues and solve the case!

Dark Solitaire: Mystical Circus arcade brain game 70 MB, $6.99

Investigate a strange circus, uncover hidden mysteries, complete quests and challenge yourself to fun solitaire puzzles!

Travel Mosaics 14: Perfect Stockholm arcade brain game 100 MB, $6.99

Take an amazing tour of Stockholm with the Walker family and challenge yourself to a colorful new set of nonogram puzzles!

Ki11er Clutter arcade brain game 438 MB, $6.99

The original Clutter series is back with its most amazing and challenging set of puzzles yet!

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