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Dr. Cares: Family Practice Collector's Edition
Amy’s next time management vet clinic adventure!

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Tennis in the Face
This is no Wimbledon!
System Mania
Quickly fix madcap machines run amuck.
Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia
Match 3 and city-building fun!
The Unseen Fears: Last Dance Collector's Edition
It’s a dark reflection of reality...
Iron Sea Defenders
Bare your tactical prowess as you protect your fort from enemy fleets!

Best symbol games for free download

Here you can find the best symbol games available for free download. You can download any symbol game and try it for free to decide whether you like it or not. Some games provide 60 minutes of gameplay, others can limit you with a 30 or 15 day trial period. Some of the symbol games are free at all. Choose any symbol game you like and try it!

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Vermillion Watch: In Blood Collector's Edition arcade symbol game 865 MB, $6.99

Ghastly murders in Whitechapel foreshadow the return of the Red Queen!

Recover the artifact that contains the secrets of H.E.L.P.'s past.

Chicken Invaders 5: Christmas Edition arcade symbol game 43 MB, $6.99

Chicken Invaders 5 is back with more Christmas than ever! Fight gingerbread men, giant snowmen and chickens dawning Santa hats in this beak blasting space shooter.

Haunted Train: Clashing Worlds Collector's Edition arcade symbol game 794 MB, $6.99

Stop a strange phenomenon that could threaten the entire world!

Who broke the agreement between good and evil?

Monument Builders: Rushmore arcade symbol game 128 MB, $6.99

Travel back in time and become the person in charge of building the famous Mount Rushmore!

Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of Wolfhill arcade symbol game 431 MB, $6.99

Will your curse save or destroy you?

When your father is arrested, it's up to you to save him and the city of Prague from sinister forces.

Will your curse save or destroy you?

You've traveled the world in search of a cure for your deadly illness, and you've finally found it! But it won't be easy to get – are you up to the task?

The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus 2 arcade symbol game 354 MB, $6.99

Submerge into the unknown! Step into the shoes of paranormal detective, Iris Birdwood and solve an otherworldly kidnapping.

Final Cut: Fame Fatale Collector's Edition arcade symbol game 706 MB, $6.99

A reclusive star's darkest secrets are coming to light.

Forrest Gump Match 3 Game arcade symbol game 80 MB, $6.99

Now is your chance to relive the amazing life of Forrest Gump in this exciting puzzle game: Forrest Gump Match 3!

DragonScales: Chambers of the Dragon Whisperer arcade symbol game 132 MB, $6.99

Use the power of your mind to place scales on the board and form clever combinations. Experience this unique twist on the match-3 genre!

9 Elefants arcade symbol game 28 MB, $6.99

Follow our intrepid investigators as they explore this unique Paris setting that combines fantasy and the Crazy Years.

Statue of Liberty: The Lost Symbol arcade symbol game 524 MB, $6.99

The Statue of Liberty is missing! Investigate the disappearance of one of the most important symbols of the United States!

Chronicle Keepers: The Dreaming Garden arcade symbol game 640 MB, $6.99

As the daughter of a legendary chronicle keeper, powerful foes are working against you!

Myths of the World: Spirit Wolf arcade symbol game 1191 MB, $6.99

The wolf spirit still haunts... will you heed its call?

Myths of the World: Spirit Wolf Collector's Edition arcade symbol game 1405 MB, $6.99

The wolf spirit still haunts… will you heed its call?

You’re on a train in the middle of nowhere, and a band of dangerous thieves demand you tell them where to find the Hope Diamond’s shards. As the newest Hidden Expedition recruit, you’ve got to find the shards before they do…

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