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The Legacy: Prisoner Collector's Edition
An exciting journey to an ancient civilization

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The Legacy: Prisoner Collector's Edition
An exciting journey to an ancient civilization
Solitaire Jack Frost: Winter Adventures 2
Chill out with the all new Solitaire Jack Frost!
Dead Reckoning: Lethal Knowledge
Knowledge can be dangerous...
The Wisbey Mystery
Solve the Wisbey Manor’s mystery
Haunted Train: Clashing Worlds Collector's Edition
Next stop: a phenomenal adventure!

Best death games for free download by popularity reverse

Here you can find the best death games available for free download. You can download any death game and try it for free to decide whether you like it or not. Some games provide 60 minutes of gameplay, others can limit you with a 30 or 15 day trial period. Some of the death games are free at all. Choose any death game you like and try it!

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Pin the killer in this page-turning murder mystery by novelist James Patterson, and find hidden objects within nine distinct investigations.

Off the Record: The Final Interview arcade death game 599 MB, $6.99

A man is dying, and you’re the prime suspect!

Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death arcade death game 539 MB, $6.99

Experience a story about love so strong, it can overcome the most powerful evil! Explore visually stunning mystical dimensions and rescue your fiance!

Fear For Sale: Phantom Tide arcade death game 745 MB, $6.99

Ghostly warnings in the water are terrifying a grieving family. What's causing them, and what really happened to Julia White?

Death Under Tuscan Skies: A Dana Knightstone Novel arcade death game 347 MB, $6.99

Journey across Italy as best-selling novelist Dana Knightstone in Death Under Tuscan Skies: A Dana Knightstone Novel!

Can you escape from the grasp of a lovestruck ghost?

Mystery Tales: Her Own Eyes Collector's Edition arcade death game 1035 MB, $6.99

There's a thin line between the living and the dead.

Island of Death: Demons and Despair arcade death game 347 MB, $6.99

Save yourself from an unknown disease and leave the island!

There's been a murder at Count Oldgrey's!

Cadenza: The Kiss of Death arcade death game 613 MB, $6.99

Is your husband-to-be guilty of betrayal – or even worse?

Ghost Whisperer arcade death game 169 MB, $6.99

Join Melinda Gordon in helping ghosts with unfinished business.

Allora and The Broken Portal arcade death game 251 MB, $6.99

A powerful wizard has been sucked into a portal and is lost! Only you can save him from death in Allora and the Broken Portal!

Prehistoric Caribbean Poker card death game 2 MB, $9.95

You have an opportunity to enjoy the unique graphics of an excellent game Prehistoric Caribbean Poker and to play with a prehistoric man. This lovely dinosaur will be yours if you follow the easy rules of this classic card game.

Elizabeth Find MD: Diagnosis Mystery arcade death game 76 MB, $6.99

Follow a team of young doctors and unravel a medical mystery by providing the key clues for treatment and diagnosis.

Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold arcade death game 241 MB, $6.99

Help Maggie Gold track down her ex-husband`s murderer! Explore a huge casino to find the secrets left behind by Freddy!

Dark Chronicles: The Soul Reaver arcade death game 344 MB, $6.99

Find out what mysteries his peaceful village is hiding.

Frankenstein: Master of Death arcade death game 685 MB, $6.99

The border between life and death is fragile. Restore the course of nature, solve puzzles and search for clues in Frankenstein: Master of Death!

Forgotten Riddles - The Mayan Princess arcade death game 42 MB, $6.99

Solve the riddles surrounding ancient artifacts to uncover what really happened to the last known royal Mayan family.

Chimeras: Tune of Revenge Collector's Edition arcade death game 926 MB, $6.99

An organ grinder seeks revenge, marking his victims with cards. Can you stop him before he destroys the entire city?

Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death Collector's Edition arcade death game 368 MB, $6.99

Uncover the mystery behind an artist’s deadly talent.

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