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Mad Cars

Mad Cars file size is 9 MB. The game is free to download and try. Play this game for free to decide if you like it. If you like it, you can safely and securely buy the full version of Mad Cars game online for $19.95.

Mad Cars game is published by Realore Studios.

Last updated on Jan 31, 2009.

In the Year of Darkness, 2066, a fierce nuclear conflict shattered

powerful nations. Millions of fallen, major cities are razed to the

ground and abandoned. Vicious gangs took over roads and turned them

into battlefields for their dog-eat-dog racing wars. People are looking

for the hero who can challenge criminal power and bring peace to the

once idyllic world. The only way to do this is to take part in races

and defeat enemies.

Mad Cars combines the excitement of the racing simulator with the

intensity of an action-packed war game that unfolds in the remaining

streets and places of the post-war America. Players will choose from

9 armored racing vehicles and hone their road racing skills on 10

breathtaking tracks with such striking locals as a nuclear power station,

ruins of Las Vegas, military base, etc. Racing against neurotic,

gun-toting enemies, players will endure a barrage of fire and plenty of

dirty road tricks. To improve their chances for survival, they must

collect money bonuses to tune their cars with high-powered weapon systems,

armor and upgrade parts. With each win, players earn cash and unlock new

cars, tracks and tournaments. Games related and similar to Mad Cars include games of the arcade genre, car games, competition-related games, drive-style games, driving games, fighting-related games, match-related games, race, shooting game downloads, all of them and Mad Cars itself are available for download from The Game Album.

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