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Realms of Magic

Realms of Magic file size is 4 MB. The game is free to download and try. Play this game for free to decide if you like it. If you like it, you can safely and securely buy the full version of Realms of Magic game online for $15.

Realms of Magic game is published by Digital Lights.

Last updated on Feb 3, 2009.

Realms of Magic is a fantasy based card game, like Magic: The Gathering, in which the goal is to destroy your opponent's castle before he destroys you. It has hundreds of fantasy units, heroes, items and spells to assist you in overcoming your enemies in strategic and tactical warfare.

Realms of Magic can be played against either an AI or human opponent(s). Each player takes turns and at the start of each turn, their kingdom produces a quantity of each resource equal to the strengths of various resource generators... Games related and similar to Realms of Magic include games containing arcade, arcomage-related games, dragon games, dwarf-like titles, games of elf, giant, gold, hero games, legend-like titles, lord, lore, mana-like titles, medusa games, games of mystic, games of myth, games of the ogre genre, orc-related games, quarry, rings-like titles, games of the roleplay genre, stone game downloads, strategy-style games, tolkien, all of them and Realms of Magic itself are available for download from The Game Album.

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