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Exploding Marbles!

Exploding Marbles! file size is 47 MB. The game is free to download and try. Play this game for free to decide if you like it. If you like it, you can safely and securely buy the full version of Exploding Marbles! game online for $15.

Exploding Marbles! game is published by ® Hardy Creations Inc..

Last updated on Sep 24, 2012.

Exploding Marbles is a Great Game Of Skill and Excitement...

The Object of Exploding Marbles is to Form Rows of 3 or more of the same colored 3D Marbles To Make them vanish and gain points... There Are Cool Things such as symbols on some of the marbles to make the game more interesting... Each symbol stands for something and are sort of like power icons for things like give more time, remove a whole row, etc... The Total Object of the game is to see how high of a highscore you can get and how many levels you can beat. There are a Total of 50 Levels. Each Level Has a Different Background... The Game is Totally 3D and The GUI (General User Interface) is also Skinnable which I have included Several Skins With The Game... You can Also Download Additional Skins From This Site... The Game is Commercial and Sales For $15.00

The Trial Download is about 46.9 Megabytes But It's a Full Game... It should only take about 3 to 10 minutes to Download on a DSL or Cable Modem... The Game Was Updated On September 22nd, 2012... The Current Version is Now: v6.0.13.2013 Edition!

This Game is Created and Maintained By Michael Hardy...

You can Also Download a Free Trial of a Windows 2000 Version If You're Running Windows 2000... Visit the Web Site at to download the Windows 2000 Edition. Games related and similar to Exploding Marbles! include arcade-related games, games of exploding-marbles, games containing freeware, marble game downloads, puzzle game downloads, video-related games, all of them and Exploding Marbles! itself are available for download from The Game Album.

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