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Aba Daba Deluxe

Aba Daba Deluxe screenshot
Aba Daba Deluxe screenshot

Aba Daba Deluxe file size is 794 KB. The game is free to download and try. Play this game for free to decide if you like it. If you like it, you can safely and securely buy the full version of Aba Daba Deluxe game online for $7.95.

Aba Daba Deluxe game is published by Astatix Software.

Last updated on Feb 5, 2009.

Aba Daba Deluxe is a modern implementation of the ancient logical game Gomoku, also known as 5 in a row or Noughts and Crosses.

Major game features:

Undo/Redo possibilities,

Unlimited Undo/Redo,

Save/Load game,


Statistics of all played games,

Powerful artificial intelligence,

Attractive music,

Nice sounds,

Different skins,

Different skill levels,

Different board sizes,

Multilingual support,

Unusual design,

User-friendly interface,

Quick restart by pressing right mouse button,

Quick hiding game window by pressing ESC key,

Easy to use,

Detailed on-line help,

Optimization for the up-to-date 32-bit CPUs,

Install/uninstall capabilities. Games related and similar to Aba Daba Deluxe include five games, five-row, games of the go-moku genre, level game downloads, games of the puzzle genre, renju-style games, games of reversi, skill-level-related games, tac, tic, toe/">tic-tac-toe game downloads, toe-style games, all of them and Aba Daba Deluxe itself are available for download from The Game Album.

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