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Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets

Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets file size is 120 KB. The game is free to download and try. Play this game for free to decide if you like it. If you like it, you can safely and securely buy the full version of Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets game online for free.

Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets game is published by パチンコ.

Last updated on Nov 13, 2011.

Download PC Games: Hidden Object

scenes and spooky castle daydream of Savannah look many times at work. Claire decided to go for a change to play Aunt Rosie's house to take a vacation. Aunt but not at home. Away from the town who repose. Hospital blood banks are being dug up by someone in the town cemetery had been stolen a lot of blood. Something is not right. Evidence to find suspicious person was staying in a motel outside of town that came to mind got to rely on sight. Serve expose the identity of the evil lurking in the shadows of the city to help the good handsome vampire with special abilities with Claire! Games related and similar to Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets include adventure games, arcade games, fun-related games, mystery, secrets-related games, all of them and Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets itself are available for download from The Game Album.

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